Tier Achievements 2023

The following people have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the field of employment services by completing the requirements for a NYS CASE tier certificate through Cornell University:

tier 1 badge

Employment Services Delivery

  • Laurie Gallagher,

    NYSARC Mid-Hudson

  • Anne DeWitt,

    NYSARC Mid-Hudson

  • Gabriel Malone,

    Challenge Industries Inc

  • Edward Carey,

    Springbrook NY Inc

  • Jocelyn Hart,

    Lifesong Inc

  • Melanie Everett,

    Community Services For Every1

  • Deme Dawa,

    NYSARC NYC Chapter

  • Dilrabo Alimova,

    NYSARC NYC Chapter

  • Dianne Chamberlain,

    Heritage Christian Services Inc

  • Shannon Pendleton,

    Community Options New York, Inc.

  • Iluminada Aponte,

    NYSARC Montgomery County Chapter (Liberty Enterprises)

  • Terry Passafiume,

    NYSARC Genesee Orleans Counties Chapter

  • Shannon Studd,

    NYSARC Chautauqua County Chapter (The Resource Center)

  • Nicholas Werner,

    NYSARC Livingston Wyoming Counties Chapter

  • Ashley Dodge,

    Unity House of Cayuga County Inc

  • Carly Richards,

    AIM Services Inc.

  • Denise Weeks,

    NYSARC Jefferson County Chapter

  • Richard Keffner,

    NYSARC NYC Chapter

  • Victoria Cooley,

    NYSARC Chemung County Chapter

  • xxxx xxxx,

    Tri-Lakes Center For Independent Living

  • Erin Marino,

    Maryhaven Center Of Hope

  • Irene Washburn,

    Unity House of Cayuga County Inc

  • Nancy Hamilton,

    Catholic Charities of Dioceses of Rochester

  • Roxanne Frimpong,

    NYSARC NYC Chapter

  • Rachel Mann,

    Mental Health Association In Orange County Inc

  • Richard Davila,

    QSAC Inc.

  • Joseph Drollette,

    Behavioral Health Services North Inc

  • Alyssa Yuchowitz,

    Halo Network Inc

  • Amanda Karlovic,

    Abilities Inc

  • Lucas Navas,

    NYSARC Jefferson County Chapter

  • Cassandra Terrell Gelineau,

    NYSARC Warren Washington Albany Counties Chapter

  • Cortney Bower,

    Restoration Society Inc

  • Andrew Targovnik,

    PSCH Inc (WellLife Network)

  • Lindsay Politan,

    Abilities Inc

  • Isaiah Ramjit,

    NYSARC NYC Chapter

tier 2 badge

Advanced Employment Services Practice

  • Cassandra Abram,

    Parents Information Group for Exceptional Children Inc.

  • Christina Deonauth,

    Wildwood Programs Inc

  • Maggie Erlich,

    Living Resources Corp

  • Ann Awny,

    New Hope Community Inc

tier 3 badge

Employment Services Administration

  • Ashley Walton,

    NYSARC Montgomery County Chapter (Liberty Enterprises)

tier 4 badge

Student & Youth Transition Services

  • Edmund O'Donnell,

    Goodwill Industries Of Greater New York And Northern NJ Inc

  • Kevin Dobson,

    Autistic Services Inc

  • Anne Furlani,

    Community Services For Every1

  • Lacretia Artis,

    AIM Services Inc.

  • Kathleen Lerchenmueller,

    C3 Quest LLC

  • Charlie Marsland,

    NYSARC Madison Cortland Chapter

  • Jessica Streczyk-Welsh,

    Mental Health Association In Orange County Inc

  • Luisa Aciares,

    Sinergia Inc.

  • Justine Huertas,

    ICD International Center for the Disabled Inc

  • Chaz Griffin,

    NYSARC Onondaga County Chapter

* The above lists contain the names of people who have agreed to share their information publically.

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